The MetroLink Project will connect up with the Irish Rail network in two places. The first is at Tara Station a new metro station will be constructed and the existing Irish Rail station upgraded. The second location is at Cross Guns Bridge in Glasnevin. Here a new Irish Rail station will be built that will connect the Maynooth rail line and the Kildare rail line to the metro.


Tara Station

At Tara Station the metro will interchange with the DART, commuter and intercity trains. The rear entrance to Tara Station will be upgraded dramatically to allow for easy interchange between the metro and the Irish Rail services.

The new metro station and a new public square will be built between Poolbeg Street and Townsend Street, just off Tara Street. Building a station here requires the demolition of a number of building, including 75 apartments in the Markievicz building beside the Irish Time building, and the closure of Luke Street.


This plan greatly increases the access to the Irish Rail station and allows for quick and easy interchange between the metro and the rail network.



In this concept engineering drawing for the MetroLink project you can see the underground metro station on the left and the new blue sections that wrap the back of the Irish Rail station.


Glasnevin Interchange Station

The Glasnevin metro station and new Irish Rail station at Whitworth Road/Cross Guns Bridge will connect two Irish Rail lines and the new metro line. This level of interconnection is great for not just Dubliners but anyone who is on the Maynooth/Sligo line and the Kildare line.

This interconnection point would allow people coming from Sligo on an intercity train to connect onto a metro to the airport. This interconnection would allow someone living in Maynooth and working in Swords to get a commuter train to Glasnevin station and then change onto the metro to Swords.

(Side note: the name of the station has not been decided. As many of you are probably thinking Glasnevin probably isn't the most accurate name)

Below is a concept architect's drawing of what the interchange station would look like. The Irish Rail station and the metro station will each have their own entrances but there will also be an underground passageway between the two stations to allow for easy interconnection for passengers.




The Irish Rail platforms are on the left of the image and the underground metro station is on the right at the front of the image.


Will the MetroLink project connect up with the Irish Rail Northern Line at Donabate?

There are currently no plans to connect the MetroLink project to the Irish Rail Northern Line (Belfast and Drogheda trains). This would require another 4km of metro track from north of Swords to Donabate. The MetroLink team have said this would add more expense and complexity onto an already large project. They have said that they plan on leaving this option open so that this could happen in the future.


Will I need two different tickets to change from Irish Rail to the Metro?

The answer is nobody knows right now. No information about how ticketing will work for the metro has been released yet. The MetroLink project is not expected to open before 2027 and the NTA (National Transport Authority) is working on further ticket integration projects so the future is still very unclear.